Spring 2014

Sky High Trampoline

Sky High is an activity facility with trampoline floors and walls, where participants can literally 'bounce off the walls' and jump with ease. For two straight hours, we jumped and played dodgeball on trampolines, getting the exercise done without even trying :p We subsidized almost the entire trip by making it free for our members, and non-members only had to pay $3 for what would usually cost more than $20 per person.

Tilden Park Hiking and BBQ

On this beautiful Saturday toward the end of the semester, CSA went on a hike through the trees and streams of Tilden Park. After a short hike filled with adventurous endeavors and gorgeous photographs, we came back to the campsite and enjoyed some delicious BBQ. For the rest of the afternoon, we played ultimate frisbee, football, soccer, and various other games.

General Meeting and Casino Night

On the first Thursday after Spring Break, CSA hosted a casino themed game night to ease everyone into the rest of the semester with a night filled with exotic mocktails and classical casino games. Everyone came dressed up 'sassy and classy' to match the mood of the night, and nothing says 'sassy' better than a cardboard bowtie and a toy gun!

Shuai Ge Swag Off

For the second largest event of the year, CSA invited six organizations to participate in an intense competition of talents, dance skills, and personal charm to see who is the 'Shuai Ge' in the eyes of our audience and can bring home the glory for his organization. All of the participants have shown incredible talents and displayed some hilarious dance skills, although that may be due to an element of surprise ;)

Dim Sum and Karaoke Night

On the last day of February, CSA went on a trip to the famous Shooting Star Cafe in Oakland to enjoy a delicious meal, followed by karaoke at Fillmore. This night trip to the Oakland Chinatown was incredibly popular, with enough people filling up four long tables and three large karaoke rooms.

Valentines Day Ghirardelli Trip

With love still in the air the day after Valentine's Day, CSA paired everyone with "dates" and headed for Ghirardelli in San Francisco. The lovely wafts of chocolate and ice cream sundaes greeted us while we busily got to know each other, preparing for the ultimate relationship test. Afterwards, we split up into groups and adventured around the city, watching the Chinese New Year parade and exploring one of SF's cathedrals, a beautiful end to a fun-filled day.

First General Meeting

The start of the new semester was in the air of 2050 VLSB for CSA's first general meeting. With new faces present, pop quizzes were handed out and people raced against each other to test their knowledge of Chinese culture for a grand prize: white rabbit rice paper candies!

Lunar New Year Banquet

With the start of spring semester, CSA was proud to host its second annual lunar new year banquet with Youtube star David Choi and other student groups like Cal Washu performing. With a well lit setting and delicious food from Saigon, David and the other groups ushered in the new year in style.

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