Fall 2016

Fourth General Meeting

At this point in the semester, you're probably tired, sad, and hungry. Have no fear - CSA is here!! Come join us in ignoring our deadlines and kicking off Dead Week with a movie! In the spirit of Christmas, we watched a holiday favorite, Home Alone. And by the way, we brought free food :^)

EAU Night Market

Another semester means another night at the EAU Night Market! Come enjoy delicious foods from various traditions and watch breathtaking performances!

Bowling Night

Hey guys! Come join CSA for a super chill night of bowling to celebrate the end of midterms!! ;) The top three bowlers also won a super secret special prize. CSA members also got an exclusive discount (hint hint join CSA!)

Third General Meeting

FEATURING: Mahjong, Poker, Chinese Chess and more!!! We know it's midterm season yet again on campus and we'd like to take this time for GAME NIGHT with CSA. Who doesn't enjoy playing games? Feel free to drop by for lots of fun and games - all the while taking a break from studying!

Halloween Party

Legend has it that every fall midterm season, the spirits of students chained beneath the dungeons of Main Stacks rise up to doom those who have tarnished the UC seal. To release the spell, we are gathering 100 students on the Friday night of October 28 to lift up these spirits by jumping and dancing to the music that comes from within. This autumn, CSA, CPU, and HKSA are coming together to perform this ritual. Come to our Halloween party dressed in your costumes! There wil non-stop music and plenty of refreshments including lemonade, brownies, cupcakes, and more!

Double Ninth Fire Trail Hike

Survived the first round of midterms? CSA hosted the annual Double Ninth hike, a hike up the fire trails starting at Clark Kerr to enjoy the unrivaled view of the East Bay. The day was unusually hot and sunny, but that just made the reward more rewarding.

Second General Meeting

Here it is ... the CSA 2nd General Meeting! What made the meeting this time even more fun: the theme was Twin Day! People came in pairs dressed alike and got to know each other. In the end, there was a prize for best twin before ending the night with some classic Chinese games such as Mahjong.

First General Meeting

This is our first general meeting of the fall 2016 semester. New members and prospective officers learn more about the club and the events that we plan throughout the semester. After the presentation, we bring out some classic Chinese games such as Dou Di Zhu and Mahjong. It's a great way to start a new semester.

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