Fall 2015

Shuai Ge Swag Off

It’s CSA’s annual Shuai Ge Swag Off time! This year, we’ve invited four other clubs to compete: HKSA, KPG, TSA, and VSA. The candidates are: Bo Nguyen [VSA], Jason Zhang [CSA], Kevin Huang [TSA], Rio Luo [KPG], Wesley Chan [HKSA]. We are also featuring performances from Chinese Acapella and Ra-On!

Halloween Dance Party

Helloooooo!! It’s THE time of the year again! CSA, HKSA, and CPU together hold our annual Halloween Dance Party! We would like to thank our DJ, Eugene Luu, for the great music that keep our night going and our collaborating clubs, HKSA and CPU.

EAU Night Market

November 5th is East Asian Union's Night Market! We come out and sell the delicious street food of various culinary traditions. Also we enjoy performances like dance groups, bands, and other great student performers.

Botanical Garden

We all enjoyed a refreshing break from midterms with the finest natural beauty that Berkeley has to offer. We also had exciting games (e.g., a mini Scavenger Hunt) in Botanical garden!!

Second General Meeting

On 10/8, we hold the CSA 2nd General Meeting in Fall 2015. What makes the meeting this time even more fun is that the theme is Twin Day! We ask members to come in pairs and wear similar clothes. Everyone is tested on how much she/he knows about the partner. The night ends with some exciting games such as mahjong and pokers.

Mid-Autumn BBQ at Berkeley Marina

We celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with BBQ at the beautiful Berkeley Marina. There are moon cakes, milk tea, hot dogs, chicken and more to stimulate our taste buds!

First General Meeting

On Oct 10, CSA is having its First General Meeting. Our members learn more about what events and activities CSA will be holding this semester, as well as get more involved in the CSA family. After the presentation portion of the meeting is done, we break out the games and cards for our monthly game night! It’s a great way to relax after a couple weeks of school.

Boba Drinks

The start of another school year is upon us! The CSA family is back with all the entertaining and lively events that you’ve come to expect. To kick the semester off, we have our traditional Welcome Week events. We meet at Sproul Plaza at 5pm and walk to Bobo Drinks together. This is a prime opportunity to get to know the people in CSA!

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