Fall 2014

Fourth General Meeting

We came in our snuggly Christmas sweaters to compete for the title of Ugliest Sweater; a wonderful prize given to whomever snatched the glory and fame! In addition, we made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and candy. And as usual, we had our mahjong and poker sets ready for those of you who just want to relax!

East Asian Union: Night Market

We opened up our Night Market for a night to celebrate our (and everyone's) culture! Featuring various kinds of food, we were sure to cater to all customer's needs and desires! We also had tons of amazing performances brought to every student by dance groups, bands, and amazing student performers on demand!

Third General Meeting

On Wednesday (11/5), we had our Third General Meeting with the theme Twin Day! We dressed up as matching twins. We had lots of fun and games with our twin and other twinsies. In particular, we had a large round of How Well Do You Know Your TWIN? with questions that tested twin's knowledge of each other. We also played Mahjong, Poker, and Blackjack.

Halloween Costume Party

HKSA, CSA and SMSA organized a Halloween Costume Party that is open to ALL Cal students on Oct, 25. we organized the biggest and the best Halloween party on campus. We enjoyed an exciting line-up of games, food, and performances by a guest DJ, and our very own Chinese A Capella.

Movie Night

On Friday Oct 17th, we enjoyed a wonderful movie night, filled with laughs and screams. For those who are horror-movie fans, we played Orphan, a 2009 American psychological horror film centered on a couple who, after the death of their unborn child, adopt a mysterious nine-year-old girl. For those who don’t like horror movies, we played The Breakup Guru (分手大师), a 2014 Chinese romantic-comedy. As you guessed, it's about a guy who specializes in helping people breakup.

Double 9th Festival Botanical Garden Trip

After gaming it out in the Super Game Night, we made a trip to the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden in celebration of the Double Ninth Festival! We played some fun games such as football and embarked on a scavenger hunt amidst the beautiful scenery!

Second General Meeting & Super Game Night

It was an upgrade of our usual Game Nights, where we competed in groups and fought for the final grand prize with Telephone Charades, Mass Mafia, Convergence, and more. We also provided Mahjong, Poker, and Blackjack, with which everyone could play and made a lot of new friends!

Dim Sum and Karaoke

You can't be a Chinese student in Berkeley and have never been to the Pacific East Mall. I mean, who doesn't love eating dim sum at Daimo, singing karaoke at MBOX, and shopping at Ranch 99? But don't worry, it is part of CSA's mission to help you fulfill your college experience one dim-sum-and-karaoke-trip at a time. This time, we filled up three tables at Daimo and rented out four rooms at MBOX to do just that, and needless to say, it was a enjoyable experience for all.

Welcome Week Events

CSA kicked off the semester with an entire week full of fun and exciting events, including two boba runs to Purple Kow and Share Tea, the First General Meeting and game night, and a hike to the Big C. These events are designed to help new and old students to transition into the new semester at Cal, and we welcome everyone to join us and have some fun before classes and midterms kick in. Be on the look out for more events to come, and if you really want to get involved in CSA, don't forget to apply to be an officer!

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