Fall 2013

White Elephant and Gingerbread House Making

As our last event of the semester, CSA hosted a Christmas party featuring white elephant gift exchange and gingerbread house making. Everyone came with a small wrapped gift and drew numbers from a Santa hat to determine the order of the game. Those who went first picked gifts from the pile, and those who picked larger numbers got to steal gifts from other people. Afterwards, everyone split into groups and built some sturdy, creative, and delicious gingerbread houses.

Hot Pot Excursion

On the Saturday before Thanksgiving break, CSA went on a trip to Oakland for some delicious and heartwarming hot pot. We filled up four tables with plenty of old and new faces, and everyone enjoyed a delightful meal of lamb, beef, and all sorts of food cooked in boiling hot pots. What could possibly have been better on this cold November night? CSA is always on the lookout for delicious food in the Bay Area, so stay in touch with us, and there's plenty to come!

Third General Meeting

This is yet another awesome monthly general meeting and game night. We started off with an ice breaker game, where we divided in half and formed to circles, one inside another, with one person in the middle trying to tap someone in the head until the person next to them calls out another name, who then becomes the new target. After the ice breaker, we continued our game night with our traditional games and music.

Halloween Murder Mystery

In celebration of Halloween, CSA held its annual Murder Mystery gala. Members arrived all dressed up in costume and teamed up to solve a spooky murder mystery riddled with intricacies, surprises, and plot twists. This mystery had everyone investigating all over the maze, which we know as Dwinelle Hall. But alas, our clever members were able to sniff out the murderer among many other probable suspects. With the case closed, festivities continued with a costume contest, where three well-dressed contestants got to go home with gift cards to C.R.E.A.M. Yum!

Double Ninth Festival Hike

On a glorious Sunday morning, CSA set out to hike the beautiful fire trails near Clark Kerr for the Double Ninth Festival, which acquires its name from being observed on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. It is said that the number nine has too much yang, so it's customary to climb a high mountain and drink chrysanthemum tea to cleanse and protect against danger. In any case, the hike and tea were both very refreshing especially during the chaos of midterm season!

Second General Meeting

Halfway through the semester, CSA held its Second General Meeting, which included a recap of recent events and announcements of upcoming events. After the meeting, we had a jam session to go along with our usual game night!

Mid-Autumn Festival

Following Chinese tradition, we celebrated Mid-Autumn festival with friends, music, performance, and of course, moon cakes! The festivities took place on Upper Sproul on Friday, September 20th, and we joined in celebration with SMSA, ThaiSA, Pi Delta Psi, and VSA, other cultural clubs on campus. Hopefully, we can all harvest some good grades this year!

Purple Kow

On Friday, September 13th, we cooled off from a hot day at Purple Kow, one of Berkeley's newest and most popular sites for boba, and a San Francisco original. We enjoyed beverages from their wide selection of unique flavors that are hard to find elsewhere. It was a fun event to just hang out and chill with friends before schoolwork began to pick up.

Big C Hike

Our second event took place at Berkeley's famous Big C on Friday, September 6th. A hike up to the Big C is something every Cal Bear should experience, and what better way than with the CSA family! We enjoyed a spectacular sunset and topped it off with a trip to Southside Asian Ghetto to have some of Berkeley's best affordable food.

First General Meeting

To start off the Fall semester, we had our First General Meeting followed by Game Night on Thursday, September 5th. We introduced our current officers and welcomed all the new members. Members also got an overview of our September events and learned how to play games such as Mahjong, Poker, and more! We have monthly general meetings and game nights on the first Thursdays of every month, so don't worry if you missed this one! There will be plenty more throughout the semester.

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