Founded in 1951, the Chinese Student Association (CSA) is the first Chinese organization serving the growing Chinese-American community in Berkeley. CSA takes pride in being a diverse cultural group on campus. Our mission is to add to the diversity on campus through the promotion of Chinese culture to both Chinese and non-Chinese students. We want to be a family for those who are away from home and serve as a place for cultural inclusion on campus.

Today, we are one of the largest and most active organizations at UC Berkeley. CSA promotes the interests and awareness of Chinese culture in the Berkeley community while functioning as a means of social engagement. We host several events which allow participants to have fun and meet new people. Some of our more well-known events include the annual Lunar New Year Banquet, hotpot/dim sum/food outings, Chinatown trips, EAU Night Market, Poker & Mahjong Game Nights, and more!

Check out the video below to learn more or join us at one of our events to find out what CSA is all about!

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Cute Student Association!

For all other questions and comments, feel free to email us at csaberkeley@gmail.com or message us on Facebook!

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